Thursday, 20 October 2011

Football fixture, SEA Games 26, Indonesia

U23 teams of 26th SEAGames are divided into 02 groups as followed:
Group A: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia.
Group B: Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, East Timor, Lao, and Brunei.

All matches will be taken place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

SEA Games 26
th will be held in Indonesia, in 11 days from November 11, 2011 - November 22, 2011 in two host cities, Palembang and Jakarta with 542 gold medals to be competed through 44 sports.

Indonesia is set to host the 2011 SEA Games in the SEA Games Federation Council Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand 6 September 2006. This year is the fourth time for Indonesia to be host country for Southeast Asian countries sports festival after in SEA Games X 1979, SEA Games XV 1987, dan SEA Games XIX 1997.

As the main host, Palembang will concentrate the game in Jaka Baring Sports Complex which covers an area of 45 thousand square meters and also at the sports center Gelora Sriwijaya Palembang.

In Jakarta, competition venues will be centered in Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK). This stadium is the largest and oldest stadium in Indonesia which is very historic for the people of Indonesia which is located in the capital of Jakarta and has seating capacity of about 88 thousand spectators. Currently, Bung Karno Regions stood wide range of facilities for sporting activities in 36 Venues, Politics, Business, Recreation and Tourism.

SEAGames Organizing Committee or commonly abbreviated as INASOC stated there are four keys of success to be addressed during this Southeast Asia countries sport festival, that are the successful of achievement, successful of management, successful of legacy and that no less important is the successful of democratic economy.

For the SEA Games to be memorable especially for Indonesia and all participating countries, one of the impressions building efforts is done by specifying a logo that depicts Eagle with the philosophy of "Garuda Flight above Indonesia Nature?. As a symbol of the country, Garuda in the global sphere is well known and directly associated with Indonesia.

SEA Games Organizing Committee (INASOC) ensures that they will make the 26th SEA Games memorable also by choosing November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 to hold the opening ceremony. The opening and closing ceremonies will be spectacularly managed along the banks of the Musi River and historic building, Kuto Besak Fort.
List of Sport to be competed in Indonesia 26th South East Asian Games November 11th – November 22th, 2011.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Beating Thailand, Vietnam won Women's Football Championship

2 years ago, the Thais have home field advantage for usurpation of the team's post-Vietnam. But today, the golden girl of excellence we have to reclaim the throne of his position.

Although prone to physical aspects (U.S. effort to stretch the last stone to match in qualifying, while Thailand won two tickets to the final series before the match), but our players fought hard full force, play fair with the Thais during the 120 minutes of tournament play.

Dots on 11M, the student of coach Tran Van Phat has shown the domains of a team of South East Asia, do not wear a mistake in the penalty phase implementation. While Thailand has revealed weaknesses psychology, stone broken all three results (two out, one with the goalkeeper Kieu Trinh block). The victory is deserved reward for the tireless efforts of the Vietnam Women's football in the journey to find their correct position, and it is also a huge source of arms for the old players before the match overall male with Malaysia tomorrow afternoon.

Back to the evolutions of the game. Beginning after the horn, the player's team in Thailand immediately pushed higher formation attacked the battle to impose. The pass grants pass down the line the wings are continuously made. On the other front line, the players U23 Vietnam actively pulled low formation, calm blockade of key Thai and waiting for opportunities.

Because of the importance of the final, both teams are competing very careful. Regional disputes mainly occurred only in the field, there is no situation truly dangerous created during the first 15 minutes.

After more than 20 minute half, the player's Vietnam started organizing the dangerous waves on the ball, pushing back rivals in the home market. However, watch and play pressure not hesitate to make mistakes of Thailand and student of Tran Van Phat boss encounter difficulties in bringing the ball into the opposing penalty area.

To be 22 minutes the girls Vietnam have the first phase ends. Unfortunately, shot from outside the penalty area by Nguyen Thi Muon Now go too light, not hard to try to prevent the Boonsing Waraporn. Was in turn the players but Thailand still create dangerous situations from the fast-attack phase. 28 minutes, Thailand passing phase in danger from the left wing, and Le Thi Thuong, if not timely prevented the mango of the foot Chidtawan worse had the opportunity to face the player Kieu Trinh. 10 minutes later, 27 of Thailand makes CDV Vietnam startled a shot very far stretch. However, goalkeeper Kieu Trinh has excellent people started flying compact.

Immediately VN team has the answer. 42 minutes from crossing the ball into the mix right wing, Le Thi Thuong have the opportunity to review and score first. However, the end point of the midfield mix are caps of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Left go too light, Secretary Waraporn Boonsing summarized. Minute injury time 2nd half, Kim Hong made a clever ball into the mix questions for Kim Chi penalty faced by the opposing goalkeeper. Unfortunately, Waraporn Boonsing was fast feet, working the ball just before the start of the striker tip shoes in Vietnam.

Beginning the second half, the players pushing up Thailand squad attacks seeking to put incremental goals early. 47 minutes, there Chidtawan penalty phase penetration dangerous, but end point outwards. Three minutes later, striker goal as Thailand Vietnam chao island phase ends with a very stretching from outside penalty. However, another player of Kieu Trinh excellent drag the Left, to discourage the enemy.

After more than ten minutes to turn Thailand, Vietnam gradually players get the games and created quite a lot of dangerous situations. 59 minutes, passing Minh Nguyet Nguyen Thi Muon intelligence to penetrate penalty. Unfortunately, this player's team rush end point rather than coordinate with Kim Chi is moving quite airy.

10 minutes later, the ball crossing the line from Le Thi Thuong, Kim Chi workers to access the first type. However, the end point of phase striker VN team is not strong enough for Player of khuất Waraporn Boonsing. 83 minutes, Kim Hong had the opportunity to review with the access to the intervention of two defenders to the end point of the calls she makes are not as you want.

Can not dispose of victory after losing 90 minutes, female Vietnam and Thailand must have added 30 minutes aet.

When AET is just starting 3 minutes, U.S. to miss an opportunity to extremely delicious food and score. Nguyen Thi Muon effort from crossing the ball into the right wing to Minh Nguyet comfortable access to the type of positions are not accompanied by anyone. Unfortunately single end point of this striker put the ball goes out of frame.

Not want to lose the point resolution won 11M, players accrue Thailand continued to attack strongly. However, girls red dress competition extremely domains to preserve the net for the player to junk Kieu Trinh.

Delineation can not win after 120 minutes lost to competition, Thailand and Vietnam must solve game series with worse penalty.

Dots on 11M, the player's Vietnam proved superior in the domains absolute victory. While Thailand did not make the third successful penalty first, then Kim Hong, Van Thi Thanh Tuyen and Kim completed his outstanding tasks to bring about the football gold medal women to Vietnam SEA Games 25 .

Formation derived:

Vietnam: Kieu Trinh, Mai Lan, Nguyen Thi Nga, Dao Thi Mien, Nguyen Thi Muon, Kim Chi, Ngoc Anh, Le Thi Thuong, Le Thi Oanh (Minh Nguyet 52), Van Thi Thanh, Kim Hong.

Thailand: Waraporn Boonsing, Kunupathiam, Pikul, Junpen, Sunisa, Chidtawan, Pitsmai, Sukannya, Suphaphone, Orathai, Siranya.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Medals Ranking, Thailand currently stands no.1

TT Country
Gold Silver
Bronze Total
1 Thailand 51 57 65 173
2 Vietnam 45 45 41 131
3 Singapore 31 22 31 84
4 Malaysia 25 29 45 99
5 Indonesia 25 27 48 100
6 Philippines 23 23 35 81
7 Laos 22 11 35 68
8 Myanmar 7 13 27 47
9 Campuchia 2 6 18 26
10 Brunei 1 1 8 10
11 Timor Leste
0 0 3 3

Tickets & Tours to Vientiane, Laos

Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Mai - officials of the airline booking office in Laos said, not wait until today that a few day ticket from Hanoi - Vientiane has sold out.

Flights have been closed long seat, the car trips by road to Vientiane (Laos) is almost filled. The mutation was unusual explanation in a simple reason: Vietnam fans who also want to take to witness Laos Vietnam U23 team won the gold medal soccer Seagames after 50 years of waiting.

Flights only counted on drums ... finger

Fever airfare to Vientiane (Laos) to the "hot hand" to immediately after the battle of Vietnam U23 semi-final victory at the Singapore night 14/12. Expected that there will be a big wave of Vietnam "landing" to the capital Vientiane to see the final Vietnam - Malaysia.

Mr. Tran Thanh decision in Hoang Cau, Dong Da - a fan of the team in Vietnam, after Vietnam won the Battle of Malaysia, he decided to pay more a month to permanently put ticket into the country to look for Million Elephants Attendance final.

"Being eyes see Vietnam received a gold medal is nothing more than a wish of mine, though I also have some costs for the decision to be" his decision said.

However, the determination is one thing left to be done where the new is important, simply because this early morning 15/12 from 8am, his decision to lùng sweats near 11h and a half lunch, tickets to nearly a dozen rooms but only received the answer: Out ticket.

Fortunate than his decision, he Hoang Duc Save at Dan Lane 1, Dong Da district earn a ticket to the afternoon flight on December 15 thanks to a passenger ticket would favor. However, to get a ticket that he must accept more compensation money fare concessions.

Now Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Mai - officials of the airline booking office at 40 Quang Trung Lao is said, not wait until today that a few day ticket from Hanoi - Vientiane has sold out.

"There are tens of customers call us even proposed increasing money for tickets, but then they have sold up and some go further bear," Ms. Mai said.

In addition airlines are in Laos, Vietnam Airlines booking office is always in overload situations, this airline ticket to Vientiane flight (return) increased from 334 to 348 U.S. dollars.

According to ticket agents, the number of tickets sold in just days from 15-17/12 count on the fingers. Currently, to earn the ticket to surviving this level is difficult to "pick the star in the sky" because the passengers have to wait and not to cancel the trip can physically place.

Ms. Luu Thu Huyen, an employee of a company tour Ta The phone is always in a state of "confetti" by the calls because customers constantly ask intestinal fever has set the ticket or not.

"I've been waiting since morning at the box office to wait for Lao Airlines has canceled flights, the passengers do right place to put away customers of the company we travel tickets, the new morning which is held four place, while passengers calling the file. Price as day of the year that was also busy as this is good too, "she said Huyen.

Arduous journey by road

"The hand" with the earn a place in the flight to Vientiane fans team moved to Vietnam by land. However, to Laos and to the Final in this way is not easy.

In addition to ... "grinding buttocks" almost on a new heaven to where the price of the tour road also has a price not pleasant.

The airline travel in package tour to Laos by road car prices often fluctuate around 240USD - 295USD, if the airline is "how" about the final Vietnam - Malaysia will have to hook cover almost 45 dollars.

"Alone in the morning, customers placed lukewarm tour, the afternoon is almost no room for our guests to exceed amount of winter. Even now receive more visitors, we are not sure you can buy a ticket for new customers to the airport to see the final because of Vietnam in Laos to buy the lot, "he Nam, staff travel companies Tour the city of Vina large Quang Trung said.

Nguyen Thanh Hung, a staff as well as construction companies, the project team of about 10 people because he can not tour on foot wool has accepted 'Smallest' firms to help them hire tour bus and into the order to buy football tickets.

"Normal price goes to Laos only about 300-350 thousand VND has increased to 400 thousand / VND / person but he also must accept children. However, this does not go all sure we can all buy tickets to see the field or not. Brothers than in 'blood' is going only, "he said Hung optimistic.

Song by an employee of tourism, the peak day like this is not what passengers may also choose up so much for price but not sure media has met before. What airlines flexibility associated with the central provinces from the left front may car, tour company that also works only in narrow spaces is also key to the guest book Vientiane long.

However, those who have experience if they want to go to Laos with cheap, safe, simple self-passenger bus station to the Underground Water (the Phap Van Street) buy tickets. Bus station in this day trip also runs through to Vientiane (the procedure done at the exit gate for Treo, Ha Tinh), the car trips usually run at 7pm the day.

"If you want to keep up to see the final on December 17 at the latest on the evening of December 16 to depart," he Linh, spare car garage Son of Hue said.

According to the airline travel, the passenger, but no passport will not have the opportunity to take this opportunity to Vientiane by the Lao government does not accept the temporary use Vietnam passport to exit into Laos today because of guests poured into overcrowded.

Women's Football: Vietnam vs Thailand in the Final, December 16

16h00, December 16, stadiuam Chao Anouvong: Vietnam - Thailand!

The final match on the Chao Anouvong this afternoon is an opportunity for Vietnam's players to reclaim debts two years ago, and return to the position of one of Southeast Asia.

Vietnam Women's football has been dominated Southeast Asia for the third consecutive SEA Games champion, but two years ago, home field advantage, Thailand "usurpation" of one of us. Since time was surpassed by Thailand to win the throne Later in SEA Games 24, Vietnam's football has a lot of effort to regain the position that the evidence is 4 times the most recent confrontation, the girls Our gold is not a self defeating rival with powerful this play (3 wins, 1 Draw).

Women Vietnam and Thailand have also clashed with each other in the competition results Draw 2-2. Rise early 2-0 lead before the half as soon as the new pass is 30 minutes, but our golden girl dropped the game winner when the step to 88 minutes. The Republic of Thailand on the game that we store them on five pillars substitute (due to the strong performance in the final), enough to show that this is a very large obstacles in Vietnam on the way to progress gold medal.

Go team, please core force of Thailand is still Suphaphon, Nisa, Sukunya, Seesraum ... names have crowned two years ago. Factors most notably the Thai people are right wing midfielder Kanjana Sung-Ngoen, a female player has good speed, not inferior to men. Thailand is sometimes little advantage compared to Vietnam in terms of fitness, because they were health care from the previous series, the final qualifier of the girls we have to stretch the power struggle in the last battle .

Since the 25th SEA Games, women's football teams we still reveals weaknesses need to be overcome before entering the gold medal match war with the Thais. In the game against a strong opponent of Thailand and Myanmar, we are always the team lead for goals, but opponents balance scores later. Obviously, the girls of the gold we need to close more xiet crafts to preserve the victory until the last minute.

Customers who are also a problem caused Vietnam's team embarrassed. The Ngoc Cham stick injury and can not attend the 25th SEA Games is to leave a big hole in the striker. Le Thi Nguyet Minh Oanh and fullness of strength, but proved quite experienced and able non end point is not enough "excellent". People that the top position in public forums on alternative Ngoc Kim Chi Acupuncture is the physical limit. In addition, the player's team is also not find the right instincts of his assassins, and to miss quite a lot of scoring chances in the game is over.

However, Vietnam's an advantage that the Thais are not the old thermal power arms of thousands of fans. Am sure this will be a forest of red covered courtyard Chao Anouvong and that will add strength to fight for the physician manager role Tran Van Phat.

Probable teams:

Thailand: Kwanruethai, Pikul, Wilaiporn, Waraporn, Sukanya, Suphaphon, Junpen, Sunisa, Chidtawan, Nisa, Pitsamia.

Vietnam: Kieu Trinh; Dao Thi Mien, Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Thi Nga, Mai Lan, Le Thi Thuong, Nguyen Thi Muon, Van Thi Thanh, Kim Hong, Le Thi Oanh, Minh Nguyet.

Foreign Press believes U23 Vietnam will won 25th SEA Games championship

After impressive 4-1 victory at the Singapore semi-finals last night, many famous sports pages or the Goal One News Asian U23 Vietnam have confirmed that HCV UCV leading to the 25th SEA Games football men.

In the article entitled "Vietnam excavations young lion fell" on the Goal, John Duerden pen reviews U23's 4-1 victory Vietnam is convinced his death. Author describes: "Vietnam has been competing on a full comparison with Singapore. They are the ancient arms of 10,000 to heat the home field CDV Chao åñêóþ Vong.

Khairul Nizam goals of the network is not sufficient cause Bui Tan Truong Vietnam flinch and they can easily uninstall the goals of Phan Thanh Binh. Then turn Tien Thanh and two players named Ngoc Anh continued abuse Singapore, assigned to the team victory 4-1.

In addition, John Duerden also stressed U23 Vietnam will be UCV No. 1 in SEA Games 25 years: "This is a year of promises to bring great success for football in Vietnam. They are the team with the most powerful force and full opportunity to win gold medals broken, especially when rivals Thailand eliminated the hands Malaysia ".

Although the team lost the Battle of Singapore press also admitted their poor team we necessarily "a beginning". Chia Han Keong reporter praised Vietnam U23 titled "Dream of the Singapore semi-finals Left dissipate" the journal Asia One News: "Dream of Singapore football again died in the semi-finals. But we should not be too ashamed by the Vietnam too strong.

Vietnam fans great audience by nearly 7000 divers wading into Vientiane to arms for the home team. Themselves has created an excellent red busy airport on Stand Chao åñêóþ Vong. It is great encouragement and help Vietnam win their full chances to win gold medals this year.

Information Channel News Asia, the airline made the comment more equitable, "Singapore is a young team with players with an average age of 19.8 years. What they show in SEA Games this is quite impressive. Failed first-class team like Vietnam will be valuable lessons for Singapore. Certainly stronger than they would in the future. "

Monday, 14 December 2009

Video clip U23 Vietnam 4-1 U23 Singapore

U23 Vietnam defeated U23 Singapore 4-1 and will play the final match with Malaysia, who won 3-1 against Laos.